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Click Analytics is not your typical link shortener.

With Click Analytics, easily shorten links and monitor each click from a private dashboard. Learn more about your site visitors and social media peers than ever before while using our Click Analytics visualization panel which gives you an in-depth look into each click and gathers info such as IP, browser info & geo-location plus an experimental interactive globe that gracefully visualizes your click statistics.

Creating a shortened URL
To get started, simply enter the destination URL that you'd like to shorten & gather statistics with. Next, select one of our analytics URLs to use for your shortened link.

Discord Integration
If you would like to be notified via Discord each time someone clicks the shortened URL, you'll need to know how to create a Discord Webhook.

Click Analytics is a new & experimental feature and may or may not require creating a free account to access in the future. We will act swiftly to remove any panels that are found to be in violation of our Terms Of Service and will not tolerate use of this service for malicious use. This feature is 100% GDPR Compliant.

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What Is Host-Info?

Host-Info.net is a Cyber intelligence toolkit that is geared to assist with almost any of your technology-based research ventures. All scans, tools and queries are carried out anonymously from one of our secured virtual machines based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We currently feature four categories of tools.

Our IP tools are essential for any investigation based around a computer network. To neaten things up a bit, we gave Web Server tools their own category, which we’ll cover next. Our IP tools category features popular tools that commonly used by system administrators and Cyber investigators alike. Our IP tools will typically expect an IP or hostname as input and are constrained to either querying info from a Database (RIPE, Maxmind, etc) or sending a series of noninvasive packets to the host in order to either find open ports or gain more information about services it’s running.

As we mentioned earlier, Web Server tools have their own category, which we’ll cover now. When I say “Web Server” I am essentially referring to any service that uses Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to transport data back and fourth. In laymen, you could call this the “website” tools. This tool-set contains a variety of useful tools consisting of vulnerability scanners, headless browsers and site-wide reports and is useful for learning more about a specific site and the system that is hosting it.

Whether it be an online OSINT investigation or simply cyber-stalking your Ex’s social media handles (joking, please don’t), we’ve got you covered! Our Information tool-set is curated for ANY Social Media investigation and even features some (legal) methods of gathering intelligence that cannot be found anywhere else!

Before you embark on your next intelligence venture, be sure to remember Host-Info.net because no matter where you find yourself, geographically, financially or both, we’ll always be right here when you need us :)

Host-Info is entirely non-profit, aside from adspace (which freaking sucks btw) and donations, but is typically paid for out of pocket by the developer as it is expensive to host multiple vm’s and pay for API keys. If you find the toolkit useful and would like to contribute to the site financially please consider using CashApp @ cash.app/$aerolabs or refer to our Ko-Fi link on the home page. To discuss a partnership or merger possibilities, please inquire via [email protected] I may respond quicker to a direct message via Discord @Aero#9306.

As a new service, we strive to constantly add new tools to aid your passion!      

Recent Updates

Added Pastebin.com Search Engine.

Added WAF-Detection (Wafw00f).
Added Discord User Search (by ID).
Added Facebook Inc Search Engine.

Added live malware url search (by keyword).

Added Verbose NMAP OS Detection & Fingerprinting.

Added Subdomain Discovery Tool.

Added Screenshot Tool, Username Lookup Tool.

Adding new Social Media tools this week.

Other Info

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